Trieste Pictures


    Well now here's the thing, I have technically been to Italy, but I was only there for about five hours and I only went to one city, which happened to be about fifteen minutes across the border from Slovenia. Trieste is a fairly large city on the Adriatic coast and is located in the very Eastern part of Northern Italy. It was close to where I was staying in Slovenia so I decided to take a little half-day trip. Because I was only there for around five hours I told myself that I wouldn't be able to say I have been to Italy unless I had some pasta. I found this really nice restaurant along a little canal and sat outside. I had lasagna and it was the best pasta of any kind I have ever had, and maybe even the best food I have ever had. It was worth going to Trieste just for that. I don't know a word of Italian so when I got lost trying to find the bus station, I was lucky enough to run into an American girl who was living there showed me the way. I know that doesn't sound terribly exciting but that was about as good as my story from Italy gets. Before I left home everyone was telling me I should go to Italy. I had no plans to go at all, Italy just didn't interest me very much for some reason. When I was in Malta I was planning on taking a ferry to Sicily for a day or two but I was sick, I wish I had been able to go. After getting a taste of Italy and it's food, I will definitely be marking Italy down for my next trip to Europe.

2003 Paul Inglis