The sights and sounds of a city are only half of what makes a trip great. The people you meet and the places you stay make up the other half. I found that during my trip when I was on my own, I didn't have nearly as much fun. I'm fairly antisocial here at home and was a little worried about having to socialize with new people more or less every day, but as time went on I went out of my way to meet people. I loved sitting around with people and talking about anything and everything, their travels, their stories, it was fascinating. Everyone is so open as well, there is no such thing as a reputation or "cool" when you're traveling. You can go up and talk to anyone and that was so awesome, especially coming from a small town where you just don't do that. The people I have pictures of on here are just a few of the many people I met, they're just the unlucky ones who I have pictures of. I also have a few pictures of me and a list of the places I stayed at.

Jim from Brighton, England. (Salzburg/Vienna)

Mike from Windsor, Canada (Vienna)

Jacory from Colorado and Elena from New Zealand (Bratislava)

Doug from Phoenix, Arizona (Prague)

Scott from Toronto, Canada (Prague/Budapest)

Alexia and Virginia from France (Malta)

Left to right: Nik from Melbourne, Australia, Rohan from Wellington, New Zealand, Me, and Matt from Sydney, Australia (Bled)

Another picture of Matt from Sydney, Australia

2003 Paul Inglis